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Posted by Admin Posted on Sept 01 2017

EEPB, P.C. is open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8am – 5 pm.  We hope that you were not affected by Hurricane Harvey, but if you were, please read the following valuable information.

The IRS has provided tax relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey residing in several Texas counties. Additional counties are being added to the tax relief regularly.  The tax relief postpones various tax filing and payment deadlines that occur starting on 8/23/17. Affected individuals and businesses now have until 1/31/18 to file returns and pay any taxes that are originally due during the relief period. This includes the following:

  • ‚ÄčThird and fourth quarter 2017 estimated tax payments
  • Extended 2016 individual & business income tax returns originally due 10/16/17
  • Extended 2016 business income tax returns originally due 9/15/17
  • Extended 2016 Trust income tax returns originally due 10/02/17
  • Quarterly payroll and excise tax returns


The IRS noted that tax payments related to 2016 individual tax returns were originally due on 4/18/2017, and therefore, not eligible for this relief.  Penalties and interest will continue to accumulate until you pay your 2016 individual tax liability.

Please follow the link below for the full details related to the Hurricane Harvey IRS tax relief.

If you need additional assistance or would like to discuss how you were specifically impacted by Hurricane Harvey and how EEPB can help, please give us a call at 713-622-0016.