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Sales Tax

State and local sales/excise taxes are becoming an ever increasing burden on businesses in today’s competitive and changing business environments. While state and local taxing jurisdictions face massive budget deficits, the need for more tax dollars will lead some tax jurisdictions to interpret existing tax regulations more aggressively, expand the tax base, eliminate exemptions and increase tax rates. In today’s hostile business environment, it is very important for organizations to examine compliance processes and identify potential risks or weaknesses as well as tax-saving opportunities.

EEPB’s Excise, Sales and Transaction Tax is managed by Carl Kluge, who joined the firm after serving in various roles for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for 10 years and in the tax department for a large Fortune 100 company for 17 years. With Carl, the firm’s professionals use proven methodologies, modern technology and personal job experience to help clients reduce transaction tax burdens, while satisfying transaction compliance obligations in the most cost effective manner.

Services offered by EEPB include:

Tax recovery & refund reviews
Audit representation/dispute resolution
Voluntary disclosure
Compliance reviews
Successor liability studies
Nexus studies
Major project/contract taxability reviews
Managed audits
Employee tax training/tax guides & manuals

Also, depending on the nature of the services provided, EEPB can perform these services on a contingency basis.