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Upstream Oil and Gas Advisory Services

Joint Interest Audit

Joint interest audits are a common way to review operator billing activities over a specified period of time.

An EEPB Enersource-conducted joint interest audit will:

  • ensure that significant joint account charges and revenues are processed accurately and in accordance with the joint operating agreement and other applicable contracts
  • benefit operator and non-operator by correcting errors and improving the processes going forward 
  • recommend best practices to ensure that assets are protected

EEPB Enersource will work closely with you and utilize our expertise and knowledge to develop a targeted audit approach that will address and resolve your concerns in an efficient and effective manner.

Valuation Services

Oil and gas valuations provide a clear view of an investment’s economic performance.

An EEPB Enersource oil and gas valuation will provide you with:

  • financial reporting requirements
  • fair value measurement
  • purchase price allocations
  • impairment analysis of long-lived assets

EEPB Enersource has the experience and expertise to assist you with complex oil and gas valuations.

Acquisition Due Diligence

Due diligence is an essential assessment of risks associated with a merger or acquisition.

Our acquisition due diligence assessment includes the following:

  • review and analysis of lease operating statements, well drilling, and completion costs
  • assurance that reserve engineering software correctly reflects accurate well operating costs and drilling/completion/facility costs
  • review of joint operating agreements and their application
  • review of contracts for hidden liabilities and commitments/contingencies
  • review of deal structure and related tax consequences
  • review of purchase and sale agreement with drafting assistance
  • assistance with preparation of closing and post-closing settlement statements

EEPB Enersource will work with your due diligence team to help you identify acquisition risks.


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