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Dentistry is a specialty, one that takes intelligence and drive to be at the top. In the pursuit of excellence, a dentist must learn necessary skills to help their patients and to build a profitable practice. Why should you trust your taxes and financial well-being to anyone but a specialist like yourself? A Dental CPA.

The nuances in dental accounting that give our team here at EEPB a competitive advantage are too numerous to list. You'll know the difference in our first meeting. You might be thinking... I already have a CPA. True, most of us do, but unless they specialize in dentistry we guarantee they are leaving money on the table.

Here at EEPB, we have a team of professionals dedicated to the dental profession.  Our experience gives us unique insight about your profession. This knowledge allows us to help you make business and financial decisions that work.  This in depth industry knowledge combined with our tax and accounting knowledge helps you build a successful practice.

Whether you are just starting a practice, looking to grow your practice, or are in the final stages where you transition to retirement, we’re there for you every step of the way.  We’ve helped many others navigate through these transitions.  Any CPA can file a tax return.  You need a Dental CPA to provide solutions for your practice.  


Now reach out to us, you'll be glad you did.

Catherine Lightfoot, CPA, CHBC
Douglas Louk, CPA
Steven Parkhill, CPA

New Dentists:
Please watch our short video of Stephen Hodges explaining our New Dentist Program. 

Download detailed information on the New Dentist Program at EEPB.

Download our Common Business Expense Worksheet.


Services provided for Startup or Existing Practice:
Download detailed information on our Startup or Existing Dentistry Services.