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Business Transition Services

While entrepreneurs are usually quite adept at the day-to-day management needs of running their particular business, many of them, however, have limited experience with the best method of buying or selling what is often their most significant asset. The seasoned professionals at EEPB can be a valuable resource in helping assure that business owners reap the fullest rewards of their investment.

The firm's business transition services practice has a proven track record of serving privately owned and publicly held companies, as well as providing individuals with a broad range of such services. Both nationally and internationally, EEPB can help facilitate the sale, purchase or merger of a business.

EEPB's Business Transition Services include:

Identifying and targeting potential buyers
Managing the negotiation process
Minimizing the tax costs while maximizing the tax benefits of the transaction
Performing due diligence investigations
Assisting in transaction closings
Developing financing alternatives
Performing business valuations on all or part of an enterprise
Utilizing ESOPs as a transition tool
Preparing the sales prospectus which showcases the strengths of a business
Designing and implementing a “5 year” plan to assist in the realization of the maximum reward from a business