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Business Advisory Services

EEPB's Business Advisory Services represent the practical application of the firm's knowledge and experience in accounting, valuation, litigation support and business consulting to minimize tax burdens. EEPB's knowledge base and experience is applied in a 360-degree approach to every client, every day, to deliver the very best client service possible.

The practice is a collaborative combination of the firm’s years of:

Practical business solutions – knowing what works
Money-saving tax expertise – knowing what doesn’t work
Expansive networks of talented professional contacts – knowing who is the best person for the specific job (e.g., banking, legal, insurance, etc.)
Leaning on the combined years of knowledge and experience of the entire EEPB team
Leveraging the firm’s DFK International/USA worldwide resources
Managing budgets, time constraints, relationships, credit ability, idiosyncrasies, economics and more to get the job done